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Roads End

Grinding slowly, the wheel spun with a ear-piercing squeak. Wielding gale force winds, the red scarf flaps in the air, like a butterfly’s wings beating in the heavy wind. The stranger, in the long brown coat, was standing next to his up upturned car and started to breath in the air with his robotic nose and […]

Road’s End

Have a look at the mystery story below… Can you work out what is going on? Year 5 Children have been recreating this video in story form using good sentence openers… what do you think? Users who have LIKED this post:

23 degrees 5 minutes

As the frost swirled around in a spiral , the wondering explorer journeyed onwards . Feeling the cold bite on his nose , Babbage held his weak arm over his face . Standing there like a statue, the explorer wondered if he had a sign on his head saying, ‘Hey cold come here, I’ve got […]

23 Degrees and 5 minutes

Soldiering on through the icy wasteland of the north, stomped a lost explorer . Searching for his old Professor Orit, Babbage’s feet went numb. Feeling like an ice cream, he kept being persistent and marched on continuously until he fell to the ground unconscious. Would he ever find Orit? With his mind going back in […]

23 degrees and 5 minutes

Strolling though the snow, the man suddenly fell down like a stone falling from a cliff, feeling emotional and thinking, will I make it to Professor Orit, or will I fail? Feeling like he would faint, he fell down whilst his freezing feet and arms were dropping off. With  his mind spinning with craziness, he […]

23 degrees 5 minutes

As cold as a snow storm, the explorer continuously hesitated whilst trying to find the famous Professor Orit. Freezing in the snow filled pole, the explorer struggled because of the storm. In huge snow storm, the numbness began to spread up his legs and into his heart – would he ever find his beloved Professor Orit? In […]

23 degrees 5 minutes

Pushing down with all of his muscle, he hunted for Professor Orit in the icy wasteland. Feeling like he does not matter, he plunged through the ice white snow. Walking like he was dying, he crumbled like a biscuit into the snow thinking, is he even here? With a twisted mind,  he thought… This may be it. Users […]

23 degrees in 5 minutes

23 degrees and 5 minutes     As he walked through the endless frozen wasteland full of snow, he struggled and suddenly came to a halt. In the wasteland, a shiver went down his frozen back, he took his last breath before he fell miserably into to snow. He was knocked out for a while. With his […]

23 degrees and 5 minutes

   Crushing and crackling, the glistening snow viciously swallowed Babbage in one easy gulp. In the depths of the frozen Arctic, his eyes disapproved of this weather and valour abandoned him. As weak as words, Babbage remained persistent. His heart was freezing away – was he ever going to find his beloved Professor Orit? With […]

23 degrees 5 minutes

With a cloudy storm of ice cold snow, the explorer carried on determinedly to find his old professor. With his last breath, the weak explorer collapsed in the middle of a frozen waste land . As he carried on with a heart as white as snow, the explorer sailed through the frozen sea .Was he […]