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The Hills

Driving through the hills we go past the mist below going through the endless road where  the clouds clear to another world where the sun is blue and the sky is green and the sea is brown and fish walk and humans swim.

The Grim Reaper

As the man was dying the grim reaper got a text from god to put the man’s Facebook status to  ‘Dead or dying’ then take his soul. But the man said, “let me be a free spirit”. “You will be a free spirit when you check into the Premier heaven ”  the grim reaper replied […]

The Present

A story with a real ‘twist in the tale’. Can you work it out before all is revealed?

Murder at The Spag Bol

Murder at The Spag Bol Majestically, the clumsy health inspector fell flat on his face as he cautiously entered the popular Spag Bol. The waiter helped him up and took him to the table where he got his menu and ordered spaghetti bolognaise with lasagne. Later he found the spaghetti had moist mouse droppings in the […]

Health inspector, Dead inspector

  Health Inspector, Dead inspector Barging through the front door, the health inspector spied a corner table. He gestured towards me and I nodded him a silent reply. The health inspector arrogantly sat down and eagerly he picked up the plastic menu. He looked at this with an eagle-eye. He looked up, caught my eye […]

The murder of The Spag Bol

Bombing through both of the two dark brown doors at twelve o’ clock making a huge BANG, the health inspector asked, “Is there anything to eat?” The waiter said,” Yes there is. Here is a menu.” The health inspector looked up and saw the waiter with his bald eagle eye. He muttered he would have […]

Murder At The Spag Bol

Barging through the front door, the inspector quickly pounced in to the seat at the corner table. Next the inspector ordered a small lasagne and one small portion of spaghetti Bolognaise  [Because it was the house speciality] . Studying the two meals, in the lasagna  he noticed a small blue plaster but it just got […]

The murder at The Spag Bol

Murder at The Spag Bol   Racing across the street, the health inspector arrived at The Spag Bol restaurant. He made himself comfortable and asked for the owner of the restaurant. All of a sudden, the owner , came out and asked,”Do you want our finest spaghetti? It is our speciality.” Before he could say […]

Murder at The Spag Bol

Headline after headline, but none shocked the streets of London more than this. As a shabby newspaper floated to sewers so did the Spag Bol . as I was there on that one fateful day and so I will tell you story of The Spag Bol. Strolling enthusiastically through the streets of London, the inspector […]

Who was the murderer at The Spag Bol?

Who was the murder at The SpagBbol? Standing patiently at the door, the inspector was waiting for a seat in The Spag Bol to get some ‘spaganaise’. Finally, the inspector got his place and when he got in he had to wait half an hour. After a while, and I mean a while, his meal […]