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The 2 Steves

On Monday the 13th of March the authors the 2 Steves (The next people to replace Ant and Dec!) came into school. They were really entertaining- all of the school laughed surprisingly, they made Action Dogs and I hero    

The 2 Steves!

The 2 Steves As we came in from break time we were rushed to the hall to see the 2 Steve’s. as I walked in they looked boring but as I listened, my brain began to shake because… they were amazing and funny! They told jokes and made a boy wear superman under pants . […]

Wednesday at Grinton – Reported by Jay

Jay has prepared this report about what we have been up to in and around the lodge today: On Wednesday at Grinton Lodge the bell rang for everyone to wake up. Then we came down to the lounge and had a meeting about what to do for the day. Nex we went outside and started […]

The Present

Anxiously and unexpectedly his mam walked through the door and said, “Hey Sweetie sorry I’m home late. Why don’t you open the present I got you?” Curiously the boy said, “For me?” in a nervous way. Okay the boy thought suspiciously. He paused the game and opened the box when out came… a cute puppy! Just […]

The Present

Addictively playing on his violent, vicious video game, which was as loud as the big bang, the boy controlled the blood-filled battlefield. His eyes couldn’t decide which position to stay in; they were as discombobulated as the smartest sloth (which in my opinion isn’t that smart!). Concentrating carefully, his elastic fingers adjusted every split second […]

The Present

The Present Staring at the TV screen , which was showing a violent video game, the boy wrestled with his controller trying to beat his high score. Suddenly his Mum came through the door holding a big brown box. She placed the box cleverly right in front of the boy. But what was in the […]

The Present

Intrigued by the game, which was too high an age limit, the boy was spreading a various circle of facial expressions. A UFO (Unidentified flying object) was flying above his game like a Hydra jet. “Grenade!” the game shouted as booming as a glass shatter. Blood splattered on the screen Why did this happen? His […]

The Present

As soon as the first gunshot fired at the speed of light. The boy, who was playing on his game console(The egg box 1), that is as fattening as a MacDonald’s, heard someone shout ‘Grenade!’ The boy’s feelings were plain for other people to see when his mother into the walked slowly into the room […]

We both have something missing!

The Present The boy was playing on his Xbox 360, when his mother came through the door and put down a brown box in his eye line. Curiosity got the better of him, so he opened the box and BOOM out I came. As soon as he saw me he said, “AWWWWWW!” However he realised […]