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Murder at The Spag Bol

Murder at The Spag Bol

Majestically, the clumsy health inspector fell flat on his face as he cautiously entered the popular Spag Bol. The waiter helped him up and took him to the table where he got his menu and ordered spaghetti bolognaise with lasagne. Later he found the spaghetti had moist mouse droppings in the sauce… lovely isn’t it, having droppings? (sarcasm). The lasagne had a nice blue plaster in it (sarcasm again).He spotted cockroaches in the kitchen. He was thinking nice cockroach squash?… Yeuch! Then dessert came…The report was never finished because the health inspector was poisoned.


This is how I was arrested for his murder. The police came too late, they searched for droppings on his clothes and finger prints. I tried to look as innocent as I could because, of course, I was the main suspect. The detective, who solved the mystery of who stole the golden challis of Southwark hall, nearly caught me red-handed because I had the blood of the health inspector on my hand after helping him.


The Health Inspector left false clues and I was one the final 8 suspects. Walking through the kitchen, the detective stopped me and said I was in the final four! I was getting worried. Then I was in the final two and finally I went to court. I could not hire a good lawyer so I was guilty for a murder that I did not commit.

I am Eric Pickles and I did not murder him! The real killer was Penelope Fish!


Health inspector, Dead inspector


Health Inspector, Dead inspector

Barging through the front door, the health inspector spied a corner table. He gestured towards me and I nodded him a silent reply. The health inspector arrogantly sat down and eagerly he picked up the plastic menu. He looked at this with an eagle-eye. He looked up, caught my eye and I solemnly walked over to his table, with a notebook and a pen. He assumed I was here to take his order. “Can I have the spaghetti bolognaise?” said the man, he stood up and went to the toilet. Soon he came back, I wandered over to him with the steaming dish and soon after I laid it down all that he saw at first was … moist mouse droppings!! He ordered the lasagne but found out that there was a dirty plaster from a chef’s finger in the sauce! Later the Health inspector stood up and marched from the corner table to the kitchen, noticing red cockroaches and mice running across the counters. Upon ordering dessert of a tiramisu gateau, that I served him later, he was feeling unwell, started to turn white and coughed up blood.  My colleagues and I rushed over but … he was dead.


Inspector Googlebox, the inspector who solved the case of the robbery at Southwark hall, he started to tell me what to do but I turned round and said that I didn’t want to get out of the restaurant that I worked at. Moments after he started an  argument with the manager I strolled over and I started to tell him to back off and after I did so, I noticed that there were bloody fingerprints all over the side of a chair. But when I walked over to where Inspector Googlebox was standing, we noticed that there were two chairs that were on their side and the spaghetti was strewn over the dark blue carpet. There were bloody fingerprints dotted all over the plate of one of the victims. On close inspection the table had been tipped over and I saw that there was blood smeared from the killer’s finger but I thought that it was tomato ketchup [Sarcasm!]. Before I came to the conclusion of the case I found that there was some white powdery substance on the floor of the restaurant. As I tried to exit the restaurant, Eric Pickles confirmed that he had killed The Health inspector and was the one who laced the dessert with poison.

Inspector Googlebox later brought him to the supreme court of law and justice. I was the witness to the murder of the Health Inspector Jeffery. When the man was put into prison I ,the waiter, was his cell mate because I was the one who served the poisoned meal.

Minutes later after I said my prayers, the manager came and broke me out of there. We got the key from the prison warden, he stirred and he stirred but he never woke up.


The murder of The Spag Bol

Bombing through both of the two dark brown doors at twelve o’ clock making a huge BANG, the health inspector asked, “Is there anything to eat?”

The waiter said,” Yes there is. Here is a menu.” The health inspector looked up and saw the waiter with his bald eagle eye. He muttered he would have the spaghetti. Picking through the bolognaise sauce he found there were moist mouse droppings that were brown and had holes in. A few minutes later he saw a blue chef’s plaster, also a small cockroach on the plate.

The health inspector began choking, he was on dying as he rolled on the floor. Quickly, the waiter reacted screaming petrified, “HE IS IS D…D DEAD”!!!


Murder At The Spag Bol

Barging through the front door, the inspector quickly pounced in to the seat at the corner table. Next the inspector ordered a small lasagne and one small portion of spaghetti Bolognaise  [Because it was the house speciality] . Studying the two meals, in the lasagna  he noticed a small blue plaster but it just got worse ! In the spaghetti Bolognaise were mouse droppings!!, Then it came to his greatest disappointment, as he found this he pounced like a lion into the kitchen and saw millions of cockroaches scuttling between the pots and pans.

Quite surprisingly the report was never published and he was never seen again … that is alive. I say this because he was found dead the very next day. There were traces of poison in his body, probably on the tiramisu gateau from the restaurant. When this happened  [ his death] his heart started breathing quick than a stampede of rhinos. The owner of The Spag Bol said, ” No-one from here did it”.

The Police Inspector stated,” Okay you didn’t do it but do not think my detective skills are powerless because they are as powerful as a cinder block.” We soon  found out it was Eric Pickles who did it but why would he do it?

That is a mystery for another day.


The murder at The Spag Bol

Murder at The Spag Bol


Racing across the street, the health inspector arrived at The Spag Bol restaurant. He made himself comfortable and asked for the owner of the restaurant. All of a sudden, the owner , came out and asked,”Do you want our finest spaghetti? It is our speciality.” Before he could say no, the owner shouted, “ Waiter get our finest spaghetti please.”

“Yes sir” said the waiter. Then he scuttled off across the room to the kitchen. The pasta came out as hot as a oven. But then on eating it he discovered it was full of moist mouse droppings! He went to discover in the kitchen were cockroaches … They were all over. In the corner of his eye was a melted blue plaster in the side of the lasagne also the plate was cold. The inspector asked for a Turkish delight but the report he was writing never came out because he was poisoned.

The next day the Police inspector had a sample of the meal… so it was poison! There was only one known criminal working in the restaurant so he brought him to the station. He admitted to the crime and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Murder at The Spag Bol

Headline after headline, but none shocked the streets of London more than this. As a shabby newspaper floated to sewers so did the Spag Bol . as I was there on that one fateful day and so I will tell you story of The Spag Bol.

Strolling enthusiastically through the streets of London, the inspector stumbled across The Spag Bol. Barging past the customers, the health inspector spied a corner table. Mostly three minutes later the inspector ordered Spaghetti bolognaise, which was said to be the house speciality. Not long later, the steaming dish arrived. Picking through the bolognaise sauce the inspector found, wait for it… ,he found m…moist mouse droppings there! I said it (I’m sorry if you’ve just had your lunch) Barging like a bulldozer through the doors, the inspector was horrified (which doesn’t happen often). At this point he saw cockroaches scuttling through the pots and pans! Returning to his seat (in a horrid mood), tiramsu gateau was delivered, which was said to be the best desert.

Now this is where it all begins. It was a horrific sight- blood all over the place but it too late he was DEAD! The killer was found he was chef Eric Pickles.

Who was the murderer at The Spag Bol?

Who was the murder at The SpagBbol?

Standing patiently at the door, the inspector was waiting for a seat in The Spag Bol to get some ‘spaganaise’. Finally, the inspector got his place and when he got in he had to wait half an hour. After a while, and I mean a while, his meal came and he thought the mince in the spaghetti was delicious but SUDDENLY…,”EWWWWW WHAT IS THIS?!?!” he shouted across the room and people started to stare at him with confused eyes. He look carefully at the meal and he picked the ‘mince’ up, smelled it and… yelled,” ITS MOUSE DROPPINGS!” He started to shout and the waiter came over sprinting. He said, “What’s…what’s wrong sir?”

The inspector replied with disappointment, “ NOTHING JUST NOTHING GET MY DESSERT NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!” The waiter ran into the kitchen to make his dessert and, after about twenty minutes, he came and gave him the dessert. The inspector said,”Yum!… hope this doesn’t have mouse droppings inside of it… “

The waiter laughed, “oh…i…i…it wont”. After a while he had a huge mouth full then after that…DEAD…




What  would you do if you had mouse tails in your meal?

Do you know who the murder is?

Why did the inspector die?

Murder of The Spag Bol

Murder at THE SPAG BOL


Bursting through the double doors, the health inspector gestured to a bottom corner table to a waiter. The waiter guided the inspector very solemnly. ”What would you like kind Sir”

“I would like the famous SPAG BOL, ”said the inspector with a Italian accent. Unfortunately his meal was late. He waited five minutes and it still did not come…?!


A trip to the kitchen resulted in finding there was a body on the floor [fainted] because there were cockroaches scuttling between pots and pans as fast as lightning, but his meal was ready so he just pleased him self and went back to the table. He started to eat but…”  WHAT IS THIS? MOIST MOUSE DROPPINGS IN MY MEAL?” he shouted with such anger and frustration!


A waitress had heard him shout. She rushed out with a dessert trolley and as she arrived the inspector suggested that they get better wheels for the trolley because they were as squeaky as a squeaky dog toy!


Shining through the window was the sun but a lot like a UFO light so it was hard to see. The health inspector ,who couldn’t see, picked a random desert. To his amazement the inspector chose his favourite called a Tiramisu Gateaux. It looked so tasty. The inspector knew that it was going to be a bad report. However it was not published as he was found dead in his bed!


Murder at The Spag-Bol

Murder at The Spag-Bol


Barging through The Spag-Bol restaurant, the health inspector had spotted a table in the corner of his left eye. The health inspector noticed the waitress was in the kitchen cooking some delicious food he could smell from a mile away.

Suddenly the inspector heard a creaking sound coming from a rusty trolley: it was the waitress. “Hi sir would you like to order?” Obviously he said yes so the waitress gave him a menu. However, at the back it said, Do not order the toffee dessert but he wasn’t ordering desert so he went to order the best spaghetti bolognaise you can ever have. As the spag bol was cooking he decided to see what the waitress was doing. He didn’t know why she was making more food because he was the only person there. After a couple minutes thinking he wanted to discover what was going on in the kitchen. He saw something move between the pots and pans, moved the pans and  saw Cockroaches between them! After lurking through the kitchen e went back to his table and waited for his spaghetti bolognaise. After enough waiting for spag-bol it arrived. He looked closely and was about to take a spoon full but then stopped. He saw MOIST MOUSE DROPPINGS in the spaghetti! He felt physically sick.

He dropped the spoon and ordered desert instead.  He wanted dessert and ordered the toffee cake. He didn’t care what it said he couldn’t order but he ordered it. When he ordered the cake and  it came really fast… it only took only one minute to cook. He ate half of the cake but then felt like he was going to be sick but wasn’t sick. He coughed and blood came out of his mouth. After just one second he was dead.

The police knew that he had been poisoned by the cake.

Murder of The Spag Bol

Murder of The Spag Bol


Arriving at the front door the health inspector smelled the fresh air. Eventually, he got a seat and sat down and made himself comfortable. Finally the waiter then handed the health inspector a menu with a sly, smug face. “Could I have the spag bol please? I believe it’s the best”

“Of course you may.” Off he went into the kitchen and got ready to tell the chef what to make.


A few hours later a steaming dish was placed in front of him. When he started to dig in he found something which at first he believed it was mince when it was actually moist mouse droppings! Again he found something awful in the lasagne which was a blue plaster from a chef’s finger…yuck! He went over to the waiter and asked why it was in there? The waiter just said, “I’m sorry I don’t know. Would you like to order your desert now?”

“Yes please just to get that sight away from me thanks”

“Okay. What would you like for desert?”

“Triple Sundae please. I believe that’s also the best?”

So the waiter walked of again and got ready to tell the chef what to make.


Later, the health inspector went to look at the kitchen to see what that was like and, oh my gosh, what a sight there was! Cockroaches scuttling around the pots and pans! As he went to sit down he felt very sick. The waiter came over with his desert and placed it in front of him.

“Anything else sir?”

“Nope. Thanks”

So he started to tuck in and eat. When he took a bite he felt so ill and began to cough up blood. As the pain got worse he fell to ground dead. That was it now… there was no turning back time. That was the end of him.


I ran as quick as I could to see the crime scene and it was a nasty one. I felt sorry for the poor man that killer needs payback and he should be locked up. Anyway there were two chairs… so who was he dining with? That’s my question. There was blood all over the table.

Scientific tests showed that he died because his desert was laced with poison from top to bottom. Here is a warning, people say it’s a award winning restaurant but its truly not! Just don’t go to that disgusting place!