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The 2 Steves

On Monday the 13th of March the authors the 2 Steves (The next people to replace Ant and Dec!) came into school. They were really entertaining- all of the school laughed surprisingly, they made Action Dogs and I hero



The 2 Steves!

The 2 Steves

As we came in from break time we were rushed to the hall to see the 2 Steve’s. as I walked in they looked boring but as I listened, my brain began to shake because… they were amazing and funny! They told jokes and made a boy wear superman under pants . In my opinion the 2 Steve’s are the best authors alive here are some books they have wrote.

The Warrior Princess

You are a Warrior Princess. You rule over the Kingdom of the North, a land of ice and snow. Your land is kept frozen by the magical Ice Diamonds. By keeping these valuable diamonds safe, you ensure that your people’s way of life can continue. But when Professor Mekanik attempts to steal the Ice Diamonds you have to stop him

Action Dogs! – Dogs saving mankind! When we were young, we used to love watching Gerry Anderson’s shows on TV. Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 – they were all great fun and used technology to excite and amaze us viewers. We decided to write a series where the heroes used similar high-tec machines, but we thought that we’d give it a twist – what if the heroes weren’t people, but dogs? And of course these dogs would have to have secret identities and have a secret base. And so, Action Dogs was born!We wanted these books to be highly illustrated and Martin Chatterton was chosen to bring our characters to life. We love what he’s done – We hope you do too.
There are even free game cards in every book, so you can play along with the Action Dogs.