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Wednesday at Grinton – Reported by Jay

Jay has prepared this report about what we have been up to in and around the lodge today:

On Wednesday at Grinton Lodge the bell rang for everyone to wake up. Then we came down to the lounge and had a meeting about what to do for the day. Nex we went outside and started on planning our sculpture.

Whilst outside one person found footprints in the ground, another found two blue NERF gun bullets, then Emily found this woolly thing on a tree branch! After that I too found a white NERF gun bullet, Just before that a jet came flying past but it was flying so low that it nearly crashed into the side of the hill. Before all of this a branch was about to snap with all of the wind last night. Alfie had found a gigantic rabbit hole in the ground whilst digging. he final part of his session was to return to the lounge to start working on their Pic-collage.

After all that we went back outside and we were building the sculptures out of natural materials found on or off the ground. Logan’s group made a swirl of rocks and a firework stick. Other groups made other things, e.g. Paige’s group made moss trees, Tyler’s group made a bridge. However, the one that stood out the most was one that I already said: Paige’s moss trees.

Jays PicCollage

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The Hills

Driving through the hills we go

past the mist below

going through the endless road

where  the clouds clear to another world

where the sun is blue

and the sky is green

and the sea is brown

and fish walk and humans swim.

The Grim Reaper

As the man was dying the grim reaper got a text from god to put the man’s Facebook status to  ‘Dead or dying’ then take his soul.

But the man said, “let me be a free spirit”.

“You will be a free spirit when you check into the Premier heaven ”  the grim reaper replied in a sort of posh accent.”Then you have to get a car that runs on… whats it called again yes your ‘Heavenlicety’.”

 “OK, OK the soul,” the man replied in a sarcastic voice but the Grim Reaper could not tell if he was being sarcastic or not about saving his life… wait a minute he hasn’t got a life!

the monster

As the mysterious monster, that had golden skin and a two inch tail, lay there in its pack waiting for a foolish human to come and get them. They dreamed about eating all humans and life on the planet. Ten days after, they found a really foolish human that brought them to New York City.  When they reached Times Square,  they attacked the humans and devoured life in the city. Making their way to Washington DC, a brave human went out to stop them and they battled for ages. Many injuries later, the humans stood victorious. Their leader’s  name is still unknown but he is still out fighting crime and paranormal activity.

The Years

All the years I have had and this is my best,

Only five years in and who knows the rest,

I mean it isn’t even summer,

And I can guarantee there isn’t going to be a bummer,

The languages Mr Ridley can speak,

I’d love to have a peak and find out how he knows,

Is five the charm or is it the enthusiasm

This has been my best year yet



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