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The 2 Steves!

The 2 Steves As we came in from break time we were rushed to the hall to see the 2 Steve’s. as I walked in they looked boring but as I listened, my brain began to shake because… they were amazing and funny! They told jokes and made a boy wear superman under pants . […]

Road’s End

Creaking, slowly the wheel spun with a grinding squeak as a strange, mysterious man stopped it. As the strange man’s scarf was blowing in the howling breeze , he stuck his warm dusty hand out into the never ending road waiting for someone  to pick him up. A few seconds later a kind, loving man drove […]

23 degrees 5 minutes

With a cloudy storm of ice cold snow, the explorer carried on determinedly to find his old professor. With his last breath, the weak explorer collapsed in the middle of a frozen waste land . As he carried on with a heart as white as snow, the explorer sailed through the frozen sea .Was he […]