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The Present

Intrigued by the game, which was too high an age limit, the boy was spreading a various circle of facial expressions. A UFO (Unidentified flying object) was flying above his game like a Hydra jet. “Grenade!” the game shouted as booming as a glass shatter. Blood splattered on the screen Why did this happen? His […]

Murder At The Spag Bol

Barging through the front door, the inspector quickly pounced in to the seat at the corner table. Next the inspector ordered a small lasagne and one small portion of spaghetti Bolognaise  [Because it was the house speciality] . Studying the two meals, in the lasagna  he noticed a small blue plaster but it just got […]

Murder at The Spag Bol

Headline after headline, but none shocked the streets of London more than this. As a shabby newspaper floated to sewers so did the Spag Bol . as I was there on that one fateful day and so I will tell you story of The Spag Bol. Strolling enthusiastically through the streets of London, the inspector […]

Road’s end

Grinding like a scooter on rails, the remains of a broken down car started a mystery. An unknown figure was at the scene before anyone else… that brought huge suspicion… but that wasn’t the end! That road turned into something like The Bermuda Triangle! To this day rumours say that the the ghost still waits […]