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Wednesday at Grinton – Reported by Jay

Jay has prepared this report about what we have been up to in and around the lodge today: On Wednesday at Grinton Lodge the bell rang for everyone to wake up. Then we came down to the lounge and had a meeting about what to do for the day. Nex we went outside and started […]

We both have something missing!

The Present The boy was playing on his Xbox 360, when his mother came through the door and put down a brown box in his eye line. Curiosity got the better of him, so he opened the box and BOOM out I came. As soon as he saw me he said, “AWWWWWW!” However he realised […]

Health inspector, Dead inspector

  Health Inspector, Dead inspector Barging through the front door, the health inspector spied a corner table. He gestured towards me and I nodded him a silent reply. The health inspector arrogantly sat down and eagerly he picked up the plastic menu. He looked at this with an eagle-eye. He looked up, caught my eye […]

Roads End

Grinding slowly, the wheel spun with a ear-piercing squeak. Wielding gale force winds, the red scarf flaps in the air, like a butterfly’s wings beating in the heavy wind. The stranger, in the long brown coat, was standing next to his up upturned car and started to breath in the air with his robotic nose and […]

23 Degrees and 5 minutes

With snow as white as the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland,it crunched beneath his feet as if it was bubble wrap.  Babbage plodded through the vast white snowy mountain of Arctic. Plunging deeper into the snow, he felt as if he was a bag of frozen peas still in the freezer. With a head […]