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The Present

Anxiously and unexpectedly his mam walked through the door and said, “Hey Sweetie sorry I’m home late. Why don’t you open the present I got you?” Curiously the boy said, “For me?” in a nervous way. Okay the boy thought suspiciously. He paused the game and opened the box when out came… a cute puppy! Just […]

Road’s End

Creaking fastl the wheel spun like a donkey howling. With all other dusty wheels detached squeaking deadly, the stranger stopping it with a gentle touch. Howling in the desert sand, the stranger heard a moving sound in the air,with his bandana fluttering in the wind and swerving as he stood like a broken robot twitching […]

23 degrees and 5 minutes

In a thick blizzard, the explorer tried to walk in the deep snow whilst struggling like a rabbit. Shielding his whole face, against an evil dragon blowing fire. Like a block of an ice cube he feels like one, he was numb and freezing. He felt he could hardly feel anything