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The 2 Steves

On Monday the 13th of March the authors the 2 Steves (The next people to replace Ant and Dec!) came into school. They were really entertaining- all of the school laughed surprisingly, they made Action Dogs and I hero    

The Present

As soon as the first gunshot fired at the speed of light. The boy, who was playing on his game console(The egg box 1), that is as fattening as a MacDonald’s, heard someone shout ‘Grenade!’ The boy’s feelings were plain for other people to see when his mother into the walked slowly into the room […]

The Hills

Driving through the hills we go past the mist below going through the endless road where  the clouds clear to another world where the sun is blue and the sky is green and the sea is brown and fish walk and humans swim.

The Grim Reaper

As the man was dying the grim reaper got a text from god to put the man’s Facebook status to  ‘Dead or dying’ then take his soul. But the man said, “let me be a free spirit”. “You will be a free spirit when you check into the Premier heaven ”  the grim reaper replied […]

Murder at The Spag Bol

Murder at The Spag Bol Majestically, the clumsy health inspector fell flat on his face as he cautiously entered the popular Spag Bol. The waiter helped him up and took him to the table where he got his menu and ordered spaghetti bolognaise with lasagne. Later he found the spaghetti had moist mouse droppings in the […]

Road’s end

ROAD’S END As the wind boomed like a wolf, a strange figure stood in front of a car, that had once him in it, as he was going down the endless dusty road and it crashed. The wheel was still spinning. He stopped it with a gentle pressure. He heard a car booming down the […]

the monster

As the mysterious monster, that had golden skin and a two inch tail, lay there in its pack waiting for a foolish human to come and get them. They dreamed about eating all humans and life on the planet. Ten days after, they found a really foolish human that brought them to New York City. […]

23 degrees in 5 minutes

23 degrees and 5 minutes     As he walked through the endless frozen wasteland full of snow, he struggled and suddenly came to a halt. In the wasteland, a shiver went down his frozen back, he took his last breath before he fell miserably into to snow. He was knocked out for a while. With his […]