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The Present

Addictively playing on his violent, vicious video game, which was as loud as the big bang, the boy controlled the blood-filled battlefield. His eyes couldn’t decide which position to stay in; they were as discombobulated as the smartest sloth (which in my opinion isn’t that smart!). Concentrating carefully, his elastic fingers adjusted every split second […]

Roads End

Squeaking disturbingly, the rusty wheel of the shattered axle began to cause friction. Deafening silence approached as the mysterious man carefully applied pressure on the wheel only to put the spinning to an end. The heavy breeze made the stranger’s, in the dusty, greyish-brown coat, scarf begin to fly as it was levitating above his […]

23 degrees and 5 minutes

   Crushing and crackling, the glistening snow viciously swallowed Babbage in one easy gulp. In the depths of the frozen Arctic, his eyes disapproved of this weather and valour abandoned him. As weak as words, Babbage remained persistent. His heart was freezing away – was he ever going to find his beloved Professor Orit? With […]